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Leading UK Snack Manufacturer

Trigon Snacks Trading is one of the UK’s leading snack manufacturers. Based in Liverpool, we’re home to the ever popular snacking brands Big D and Bar Bites. We also supply private and own-label products to many of the UK’s major supermarkets.

Welcome to Trigon Snacks

Our highly successful NPD team has built up an impressive catalogue of products through inventively flavoured and coated nuts which fully exploit our production capabilities. We combine nuts with a wide range of tasty ingredients, including fruit, pulses, pretzels and confectionery to produce exciting new ideas in snacking.

Our Brands

Big D packaging

Big D

Big D has decades of heritage as a British brand, produced in the same factory for nearly 50 years. We have long-established listings across a range of retailers, offering a value for money alternative to more expensive brands and an interesting range proposition.

Bar Bites

Our established Bar Bites range has its roots in catering but can also be found in selected retailers. It's interesting, category-leading flavours and mixes make it a great-tasting, quality and unique choice.

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Snack Manufacture

Trigon has pioneered the use of nut coatings, as well as new dry-roasting and honey-roasting techniques. We innovatively combine nuts with a range of flavoursome ingredients to create premium-tasting and looking snack products at competitive prices.

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