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About Us

If you’ve eaten nuts from a leading super market, chances are we cooked them.

Industry leading snack manufacture in Liverpool, UK.

At Trigon Snacks Trading, we take pride in being one of the UK’s top snack manufacturers. Located in Liverpool, we are home to popular snacking brands such as Big D and Bar Bites. Below is a summary of what we do and what we can offer customers who choose to work with us!
· Supplier of own-label products to many of the UK’s major supermarkets
· A highly successful NPD team, who have created an impressive catalogue of products that feature inventively flavoured and coated nuts, fully exploiting our production capabilities.
· Commitment to offering premium tasting and great looking snack products as competitive prices.
· Exciting new ideas in snacking – combining our nut coatings with a range of other tasty ingredients such as fruit, pulses, pretzels and confectionery to create unique mixes.
· Expertise in category management, own-label range reviews and consumer-led development.

Site and team strengths

  • Significant investment into machinery in 2013 and 2022

  • Technical A-Grade BRC accreditation

  • Experienced own-label NPD department

  • Flexibility and speed-to-market

  • Own-label nut processor of choice for the last 20 years

  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in own-label specification, completion and adherence

  • Proactive attitude toward own-label needs and the requirement for regular innovation

  • Experts in category management, own-label range reviews and consumer led development

  • Experts in retail quality management systems

Production processing capabilities

Dry roasting



Seasoning and Salting





Packing capabilities

Pillow Packs

Doy Packs


Quad Bags

Quad-seal Bags

Bulk Bags

Our History

  • Aintree factory opens in 1973 and begins trading as Standard Brands UK
  • In 1984, the facility is acquired by Nabisco Brands UK
  • In 1996, Smiths PepsiCo buys the site. It is during this time that the Big D brand gains most of it’s current awareness, as the company invests heavily in very specific and targetting marketing campaigns
  • Trigon Snacks acquire the business in 2004 and start really building the Private Label business
  • Trigon Snacks acquire new owners in 2013 and become Trigon Snacks Trading Ltd. The company is now owned by a philanthropic charity, with all profits going to the Human Capability Foundation.
  • In 2023 we celebrate 50 years of continuous nut production at the same site

The Human Capability Foundation

A grant-making foundation based in the UK

Founded in 2011, our primary focus is in India around issues such as:

• Women’s Education & Empowerment

• Youth Education

• Mental Health & Disability Rights

• Labour Migration

Seeks to build long-standing funding relationships with Non-governmental and community-based organisations

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